Alexander Scherf

University of Mannheim
Research Assistant

A5, 6
entrance A, room 419

Phone: 0621-181-2203
E-mail: ascherf[at]


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FSS 2019ÜK Datenanalyse

Research Interests

Xenophobia, Human Sex Ratios, Demographic Change, Migration, Methodology, Statistics


Alexander Scherf received his Bachelor Degrees studying Sociology and Statistics at the University of Constance, where he started his education. He then worked for a market research company, gaining expertise in the field of data analysis, before moving to Mannheim to pursue his Master studies at the University of Mannheim. Since 2012 he is employed as a research and teaching assistant at the chair of Methods of Empirical Social Research and the chair of Statistics and Methodology. His primarily research interest lies with the demographic change and the skewed Sex Ratios and the resulting consequences for political views, xenophobia, as well as social security.


The Effect of 'Surplus' Men on Xenophobia: Panel Data Evidence (Work in Progress)